Loan from billionaire Kuehne: 17 million for HSV

17 million euros from a billionaire for HSV: Klaus-Michael Kuehne

The HSV gets the third cash injection of Klaus-Michael Kuehne. The billionaire is 17 million euros. The money will be charged at a club participation Bold. Previously, the question arises: How much is the HSV really worth it?

F or Dietmar Beiersdorfer it was the start of the summer shopping. When the Hamburger SV center agreed last week with billionaire Klaus-Michael Kuehne a was repeatedly lending business, finally began to move into Hamburg personnel carousel. 17 million euros, the Hamburg-born shipowner its highly indebted Favorite team available. That gave the HSV announced on Monday. It is the third cash injection Bold after 2010 (mainly Westermann) and 2012 (van der Vaart).
However, it is still unclear how a subsequent participation Bold should look at the club. The talks with him were so complicated because the intended sale of shares in the HSV football AG is only possible if auditors have created its value opinion on the newly founded AG. It is about how much the HSV is worth. And not only that soon abbezahlte stadium with museum and restaurant, the pros and the resulting campus but also intangibles such as the club emblem “hash.

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An exact time frame for the calculation does not currently exist; is heard that the opinion could be created by the end of September. As an example were the proponents of outsourcing in the months before the meeting ever EUR 100 million as the value of AG. Bold million as loans is to be transferred to the valuation in a participation model. do you research? They correspond to 20 percent of the shares in HSV AG. However, insiders expect a higher valuation. For comparison: At Bayern, the insurer Allianz acquired 8.33 percent stake for about 110 million euros.
CEO Beiersdorfer hopes that after the valuation other donors to partner with HSV. Still, there have been no serious talks with potential buyers, says the chairman of the AG, Karl Gernandt. Despite the need to reduce debt and strengthen the team, you want to rush things at HSV. (Frank Heike)